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 Going out of Klonopin, even with anxiety, I do not want more medicines ?

Being without much sleep since two days ago, when I decided to stop taking Klonopin, also know it as the clonazepam from Roche. I have being taking it since the last two years, after my Dad died from an car accident. I also have being going to psych therapy, with a real good doctor in my area. But, eventually I just choose to keep the Klonopin and not the doc, I still go every other month to get my prescription of clonazepam, but it is not the same. Each hour of this doctors could be really expensive, as much as 200 usd, for me that is a lot of money. Each month I http://buyklonopinonline.com/ and that only cost me around 80 usd that is not much for a life without anxiety. I am kind of a natural girl that always want to try the alternative medicine instead pure chemicals. The largest issue with the drug is I went through extreme drawbacks coming off it and it's highly addictive. Etc., caused vomiting, heaving perspiration, loss of desire It is used by my guidance on a rigorous program same time each night and slowing reduce dosage with time. Because of this I am now taking valerian root powder, is taste really nasty, and also got some GABA capsules from Walmart, but, of course, this combo is not even closer to how Klonopin make me feel. That, I think, that is how most people actually think, without the worries all the time of what it could happen. Have being with anxiety and panic attacks so much time in my life, that it is hard to remember when all this started. I knew that the first time I got and anti anxiety medicines, it was Valium, that is not the best choice, but I was feeling great cause it also help you with muscle spasms, and I had so much anxiety that I did also had that effect. What I miss from Klonopin is that with just 2 mg per night, I can be great all day, but I think that eventually, you need to get higher dosages to have the same effect thank a lower one. I also got a lab test and everything was great, even my cholesterol levels, I think it is a must thing to do if you are on a chronic medicine, to check your body with a blood test, any doctor can give you a prescription about this, so you will have no excuses. I even think that if you are using otc medicines, you should also need a check out, after all, that is also chemicals too. My doctor wanted to prescribe me Prozac, and not only Klonopin, It was my fault to do not accept it. I think I will go back to my psychiatrist to start again my psych therapy and get also a new prescription for clonazepam, but now, I will follow the idea of having an antidepressant (Prozac or any other he will give me ) plus Klonopin.

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