Do you know how much anxiety are you suffering ?

Many people are dealing with anxiety every day of their life. If you live in a big city, this anxiety levels can increase. Anyway, there is a limit on when this anxiety start to being a damage to your health.

Since immemorial times, millions of people around the world have felt anxiety. The role that had and has this emotion is different depending on the intensity with which it is presented. Thus, mild or moderate levels of such emotion have a beneficial effect, because they provide a better performance of certain activities, which is due to increasing attention and motivation of the individual.

But when anxiety rises too high, it produces discomfort and can lead to total and permanent deterioration with serious complications in some cases, such as: abuse of drugs, labor or academic problems, and even important personal issues and damage your relationships with others. And always with a considerable suffering for the person suffering from such a disorder of anxiety.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, anxiety and concern. The source of these symptoms is not always known.

Anxiety is a normal aspect of the emotional state of human beings. Anxiety is defined as a fear-like affection but which, unlike this one, not due to a threatening external stimulus, but it is experienced as coming from the psychological inferiority of the individual. European psychiatry anxiety refers to the start expression of that affection.

Lets do this easy way to  know if you have anxiety:

This is the simple test of the 10 basic question to find out if you are experience a anxiety period in your life, more question are yes as answer, more probably to have a great anxiety scenario that can lead you to get xanax or other treatment medicine by your doctor.

1)  you feel that your concern to much? We all have concerns but if you notice that lately the feels are killing you,  more than usual, this may be the first symptom of your anxiety.

2) Do you feel to much tension in your body ? are you suffering from cramps ?

3) You cannot remain quiet, as much as you try, always you are  doing something like: walk without sense, nail-biter, rub your hands or others ?

4) Are you suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms: abdominal pain, feeling of nausea and vomiting, feeling the stomach begins to flutter, diarrhea.

5) Are you suffering from Cardiovascular symptoms: palpitations, tachycardia, shaking, lightheartedness and feeling of pressure drop.

6) Are you suffering from Cardiovascular symptoms: Respiratory symptoms: tightness in the chest, feeling of choking, sigh, sensation and shortness of breath, difficulty breathing.

7) Are you having feeling of tension, easy tears and clenched teeth ?

8) Do you feel fear ? Have you feel that your fear tend to increased? As fear of the dark, spaces open, irritability, fear of something worse happening.

9 ) Are you suffer from  Insomnia: difficulty to sleep, thoughts of anguish and fear.

10) Are you having  Pain in the head: this pain occurs mostly on the back of the head (neck)

Well, if you empathize at least 5 of the symptoms above, you must be sure that has an anxiety problem.

But if you identify with less than 5 it is likely that you have a slight anxiety.

Note: If you feel that you have symptoms that concern you too the point that it bothers you a lot and believes that it can be caused by a possible disease, we recommend to take medical examinations in order to discard other possible diseases and do not rush to get xanax instead :) .

Also if you have anxiety, it is very likely that they diagnose gastritis, urinary tract infection, and depression. So if diagnosed you all this, it will also be sure that you have an anxiety problem.

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